Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Facebook Tab Improvements


I'm absolutely excited about the tool I recently found to make adding a little flair to your Facebook page faster and easier. Below are two new tabs I added to the Facebook page for 

The first tab displays the website twitter page and all it's tweets. This tab was added for all the facebook fans who don't use twitter and also for accountability purposes. When it's important to for people to know what you say this tab is extremely helpful. 

This second tab is the Chicago Music group from sound cloud. I removed the old tab which allowed you to drop music in the group and added this tab to display all the music that is already in the group. This is a way to showcase the many Chicago Artist that Chicago's Hottest Parties Online supports. I see this as a wonderful feature to add to the page. I mean what is better than being able to scroll down a list full of your city's talented emerging musical artist. This list is for all genre of music. 

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