Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Electronic Business Cards

Where shall I begin...?
I'll start by saying electronic business cards are pointless. If you simply want your contact information on the internet getting listed in 50 or more web directories is enough. There is absolutely no need to waste money on a website that no one is going to see because it simply can't be found and when it is found it fails to make a good impression. A five page html website is hardly enough to make a good impression and gain a repeat visitor.

I have to admit I'm the wrong person to talk to about plain html websites because in my opinion they are history and they just "suck" period. They lack the power of a cms and that statement means so many things.

The point of this blog post is very plain and simple. If you identify your self as a coder, a programmer or an internet suave person and you are not familiar with the hottest cms around I won't take you seriously.

May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please..? This is 2009 and we are moving towards a future of social media addicted tech enthusiast ! If you do nothing else for your business this year get familiar with the power of cms. Chances are your graphic designer/web designer is not familiar with cms so it's time to introduce him/her to a webmaster or webmistress that is. Great design can be applied to any website.

How a website looks is of the least importance. The important question is What can your website do..? If it doesn't do anything chances are it's a electronic business card.

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