Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joomla for Paysites/Membership sites

joomla control panel
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Before you run to the comfort and safety of the "Do it all" CMS Joomla make sure you do your home work or hire some one (me) to do it for you. Lack of knowledge and experience can turn a very small job into a huge headache.

I've listened to many people talk about Joomla and it's many bells and whistles. Some of them have ran back to the more familiar wordpress, some of them settled for a site builder and others just gave up on CMS websites all together.

Give up on CMS websites !! I could never ever do that. CMS websites excite me more than that hot stripper on your lap excites you.

So what now..? I keep learning about CMS software.And a lot of that learning requires building test sites to see for myself what works and what doesn't . Right now I'm looking into the most affordable and efficient way to build Joomla as a Paysite/Membership site.

The best option so far is

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