Friday, March 19, 2010

Enterpreneur Spotlight : Thias Mills

I first came across the profile of Thias Mills on myspace about two years ago and instantly I was impressed and inspired. 

Thias Mills is the founder, voice, and columnist of a hip and fresh radioshow full of exclusive celebrity interviews. She is someone that every writer, youth advocate and entrepreneur should know. Whether you are a writer, avid reader or a youth advocate with a mission take advantage of the opportunity to spread Lub and Literacy with Thia's Mills Lub (love) Literacy Campaign.

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When her world was unexpectedly erased by a devastating storm, what else could fiery Columnist / Poet / Artist / Entrepreneur Thais Mills do but pick her pencil up to INK the next chapter.

Thais's first dot-com venture, Enticing Objects emerged spotlighting her hand painted crafts which today have expanded to include Office Art, Craft Magnets, Photo Clips and The Little Canvas Collections with charity beneficiaries attached.  Developing her already savvy writing skills at Southern University in New Orleans, Thais began transposing her words in three prominent publications, Data News Weekly, Offline and Sisterhood Magazines in columns spanning from romance to entertainment. She now utilizes those skills on an eclectic portal which fuses her custom column creations with innovative celebrity interviews music and literacy education. smartly uses bookmarks as its marketing tool and to date more than 4 million bookmarks have been distributed across the globe.

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  1. this is insprirational. damn. what am i doing with myself. i need to really do something.. tanks for the share :)


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