Who am I

Who am I ?
This is such a heavy question and I honestly can't tell you who I am in less than 500 pages. Yes, you need a book to know who I truly am. Well, at least I'd like to think I'm that interesting.

I'm known on the internet as Lovely D. I'm a passionate webmaster who is enthusiastic about online marketing, entertainment, entrepreneurship and small business development. Right now I'm on a journey of self development and I am improving many areas of my life as I hone my webmaster skills. I honestly think that website development prompted me to change my life. (I told you it would take 500 pages.) Yes, learning to build websites opened my eyes to a new world with new possibilities.

I was born and raised here in Chicago on the south side which as you know isn't exactly a prominent community flourishing with resources and opportunity. Despite the hardships I was faced with throughout my childhood I managed to avoid many pitfalls such as teenage pregnancy and drug addiction. However, as a curious little girl who had little guidance I was briefly a non-institutionalized juvenile delinquent. Even then I knew I wanted a better life and a better community.

So, here I am learning, sharing, growing, building, developing.. Btw, I thought you might like to know, I'm GREEN ! YAY !

This is my first test taken 5-13-2013

This is my second test taken 06-01-2013

You can read more about how Lovely greens are here.

Let's have some fun. Take the test then come back and tell me your results !

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