Sunday, May 10, 2009

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

I'm currently learning more about digital rights management. And anyone that produces their own content should research the topic as well. Any original content rather it is video or audio should be protected to save you money.

DRM protects your content by encoding it to be used as you specify. Which means you encode your video or audio so that you keep control even when the content is in the possession of someone else.

The internet gives so many chances for content to be duplicated and exchanged freely that digital rights management is a must have. Although DRM is vital for the success of your business many small business owners are not using drm to protect their unique content they've produced.

If you provide any type of downloadable or streaming media (also known as ppv,vod) such as video or audio you need drm to protect your most prized possession, your original content.

DRM (digtial rights management)

Update 09/15/2009
Digital Rights Management

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