Saturday, June 8, 2013

Special Offer: Website Package

I decided to add One professional bio to the website package. 
So, let's recap here. 
This is what you get.
Hosting ( I will host)
Unlimited email accounts
One cms power website
Unlimited pages
You may select one FREE logo from my FREE logo designs selection .
1 custom header that I will design
Calendar (Events can be integrated with facebook events)
Contact & Booking Form (Info is sent to your inbox)
Photo Gallery (photo resizing if needed)
Video Gallery
Music Page (music conversion if needed)
Newsletter (built into your website)
Social Media Integration (auto post options for Facebook and twitter share buttons) 

This is also a responsive design.

Here are your options:
A.) The initial cost is $300.00 after that the cost is $100.00 a month. 


B.) The initial cost is $300.00 and $300.00 upon completion.  Hosting for one year, no monthly cost and no support. 

~Affordable Youtube Video Advertising~ 

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