Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Disabled Audio on Youtube ..?

Fret not if the audio on your Youtube video has been disabled. I also experienced the same problem and decided to find a real solution to the problem. I threw my youtube skills in to action and found a fix for the problem right on the site.

I was skeptical at first because it just seemed to easy to be true so I tested this on my one of my own youtube videos with disabled audio and hours later the audio was back. Bingo baby !!

Now that's the power of using the web efficiently.

What this short video that I used to get the audio back on my youtube video after it had been disabled by youtube.

And for great audio check out

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Respect my copyright not his

When you spend a many hours online as I do. You are bound to notice the habits and mishaps of other webmasters, bloggers etc. Most of the time you'll be too busy with your own project to give it a second thought.

Then there will be times when you simply can't erase the thought. Right now I am right in the middle of one of those moments when I'm perplexed by the actions of another webmaster.

I have to admit that even If I knew this webmaster personally I still would remain silent about this because this seems to be a common practice among webmasters.

A common practice to take notice of the mistakes of others but don't dare attempt to help them correct them. At the end of the day a webmaster can justify any moral conflicts by pointing out that this is business and not personal.

The mistake I've noticed today which has grasped my full attention is the usage of the copyright warning on a video as a method to deter others from downloading and distributing the video while also using copyrighted music belonging to another "Artist".

The copyright warning was similar to this one
And it's an excellent idea to add such a warning to any of your "Original" work. However when doing so make sure that your original work does not include songs that you do not hold the copyright to.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've found podcasting to be the wave of the present and future and if you don't know what it is by now your far behind the rest of us.
Podcasting in a nutshell is creating podcast which is an mp3 audio file that can be played
on any device which reads mp3 audio files. Kiss CD's goodbye it's all about the mp3 now.
Sharing mp3 is a fast, affordable and most convenient way to enjoy audio files.A knowledge of mp3 audio files and how they work for you makes a great different in promotion of your business.

If you'd rather not get into the technical aspect of audio files I totally understand but don't over look the benefit of podcasting simply because of that.

There are many sites online which allow you to create podcast using a microphone connected to your computer or your telephone. And once you've begun making those podcast you'll want everyone to listen to them. Even those that don't have access to the internet, or own and Iphone/Iphone.

Don't worry all hope is not lost. There is a site that can provide you with a telephone number for your podcast which means everyone and anyone with access to a telephone can listen to your podcast.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wordpress, Oh wordpress...

I mean seriously can a chick not love wordpress. Anything you can think of some programmer/developer has made it for the press. Wordpress has a way of making you love it one plug-in and upgrade at a time.

It's so simple and still stylish and affordable all at that same time.
Now what can be better than that..?

Latest thing to make me love wordpress more

If you have every wanted a simple and easy way to add comics to your blog or create your own comic site this is worth a shot.

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