Friday, April 12, 2013

Youtube: Video Advertising

Have I told you about me ? Did I tell you I love finding resources that help skyrocket productivity and save time ? Yes, it's true I believe in working smarter and not harder. Maybe I'm just too lazy to work harder than I have to or maybe I'm just too smart to work extra hard. Either way if there is a better way to get something done I'm going to find it.

Now, you could spend every waking moment sending twitter messages, email blast and posting your video all around the internet. I mean that is if you have that kind of time and you simply don't have anything else to do. 

I do have a better option though- Video Advertising-Video Marketing- Video Distribution. 
Just in case you are wondering this isn't something I've just learned about. Video distribution resources is something I've been following since 2007. 

The fact is there are thousands of websites out there and it's simply senseless to limit yourself to a few. So, here I'm giving you a video distribution resources so you can market your video and spread your message like the pros. 

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