Monday, February 4, 2013

Social Media Celebrities: Bill Cosby !?


Did Bill Cosby really send me an invitation on LinkedIn ? Wait before you answer that let me just enjoy this moment when I realize that Bill Cosby knows I exist in the world and oh no wait. I feel panic because if he has words for me I'm sure he isn't going to talk about pudding. Imagine that, me getting a lecture from Bill Cosby. I mean honestly what could I say and what would I say ?

This is entirely too much pressure for a linked in invitation. I know. I hope this isn't one of those catfish things ! Now I have to do a little research to find out if yes it is true Bill Cosby is well aware of the internet. What am I going to do. I mean first it was Mc Hammer, then it was Snoop Lion, then Bill Cosby and I saw a request from Keith Sweat.

Yes, someone is pranking me big time and I am not taking the bait. Now a friend request from Snoop Lion on myspace I can believe and then a twitter follow from Mc Hammer ok. However am I really supposed to believe that Bill Cosby and Keith Sweat want to be my friend ? Ha, not in a million years.

Is Keith Sweat really 51..? Have mercy. I don't care what you think about Keith Sweat when I was a little girl women would loose their cotton picking mind when Keith Sweat came on the radio. Oh, the memories. Keith Sweat ! Bill Cosby !

Ok, if these accounts are real then I'd really like to get a follow from Tyler Perry.

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