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How To Know Your Old Fashioned Website is Dead

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It was painstaking stuff building that website of yours. When your company finally got serious about it, the process made you think about things you never really considered. You worked with your web developer and solved all kinds of problems together – identity, interactivity, information. Nice work! (Or maybe you just slapped up a brochure and checked “build a website” off of your TODO list!)
Either way, you know something is wrong don’t you? You’re not satisfied. You’re embarrassed by your website. And your mid-size business is facing a new, larger and more powerful online world.  You’re surviving the recession, but what about the competition or start-ups nipping at your heals?

Does Google Like Your Website?

Does Google even know you exist?  Is your content being spoon-fed into Google? The robots that come by to collect the information you publish just aren’t very bright. Do you accommodate them so that they don’t drop anything as they run back to Google to index the contents of your site? If you haven’t thought of this, chances are your search results aren’t what they should be. It’s time to work on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site. Well configured sites built on free platforms like WordPress are immediately indexed by WordPress.

Can You Easily Update Content on the Fly, Anytime, for Free?

Most corporate solutions for web publishing are handcuffs in terms of keeping your site current, rich and relevant. If you can’t easily manage content, you need to look into moving your site into a modern Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. Did I mention it’s 100% free?

Does Your Site Invite a Dialogue?

“Brochureware” sites stink of decay and neglect. Brochure sites talk at visitors – announcing: “We don’t get the internet as a business channel.” Modern sites are “marketing platforms”. They invite a dialogue, comments, analysis and debate.  Modern websites are a multimedia content syndication engine.

Is Your Site Networked With Social Media?

Is your site wired into new media? Do you have a blog with shareable content that educates prospects? Is your content shareable? Do you have a subscription service? Do you even have presences on social media sites? Don’t miss out on the single biggest business transformation in years. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – these are serious commercial opportunities. And your customers know that.

Is Your Website a Measurable Marketing Platform?

Are you measuring how visitors interact with your business online? What are you doing to optimize the experience. Modern business websites measure every aspect. They orchestrate, analyze and adapt with intent and purpose. Modern living breathing sites have a purpose and measure how your market interacts – pages views, traffic patterns, time on site, subscribers, comments, posts, keywords – and yes these tools are free.

Does Your Site Generate Business Leads?

Cost Per Lead or CPL is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for an explicit sign-up from an interested consumer interested in the advertiser. What isn’t well understood is that business websites can be a long term CPL campaigns. Modern marketing websites are purpose built and evolve based on specific lead conversion goals.
Bury that relic and upgrade your business.
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How To Know Your Old Fashioned Website is Dead

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