Saturday, January 4, 2014

Webdesign: Style Tiles

Creating style stiles is going to save a lot of time and help to put the website design into perspective. Therefore, I have decided that during the first week of development while research is being done I will also create a style tile for my clients. A style tiles is much more useful to the website development than a mood board. Also, I tend to associate mood boards with logo and graphic design. 

So, when working with a graphic designer I'd like for the graphic design to handoff the mood board along with the logo.

Ultimately the mood board, logo, style tiles and wire frames will be reviewed and approved by the client. Honestly, the thought of having a client approve every step makes me cringe. However, I know that this is generally the best way to make sure the client is satisfied with the website.

For those of you who are not familiar with style stiles I've included these below as a sample for you to become better informed about including style tiles in the professional process of website design and development. 

Having this style tile will help you in the future when you need other things designed for your business.  I'm going to get more into detail about the importance of the style tile and mood board in the future as I blog more about brand identity for your business.

For clients I will be presenting two completely different style tiles however for the samples below of pre-existing websites two weren't needed.

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