Thursday, October 8, 2009

RSS Feed plugin (fix-rss-feed)

So, I've been having a problem with the rss feed on a site and it's really been getting under my skin. The rss feed is EXTREMELY important because it's used to circulate your content all over the net.I've had this problem on other sites before which was quickly resolved by removing the space at the end of the plugin file.

However doing that didn't work with this site. After I went through over 30 plugins the error was still there so I used a the fix-rss-feed plugin . I've used it before to fix rss errors and it worked. However this time It fixed the rss errors and moments later the site went blank. When you've had this happen to you a few times before it's no need to panic as long as your database is ok and you have a back up of your files all is good.

So, in my frustration I decided to work on the members section of another site until my frustration passed over me or through me. UGH !!Emailed the developer of the plugin yesterday got a reply today. Now, that is how business is done. Yet, someone from right here in Chicago still hasn't gotten back to me about setting up his paysite. Now isn't that something..?

Anywho, I like this plugin it just needs some tweaking. It finds the files that have a problem and it gives you the option of going through each file manuely or using the plugin to fix the files

In this case it listed 365 files with errors from various plugins and I wasn't going to list them here but I've decided to list some of them to help the developers of these plugins to improve their plugins. If I list your plugin and you want me to remove it for whatever reason just let me know.

I'm not here to make war. I love programmers and developers !!

Here are some of the more commonly used plugins found under the

:::Next Gen Gallery :::

:::Open ID :::


:::Super Cache:::

:::Download Manager:::


There were also theme listed !!

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