Wednesday, July 24, 2013

UI/UX : Wire frames & Prototypes

The ice cream man is coming ! Mama, the ice cream man is coming. Do you remember how happy we were as kids when we heard the ice cream man five blocks away ? LOL 

I feel like that right now because I found something to make designing user interfaces sweeter.
Ladies and gentleman I present to you Graffle Topia. 

Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed I forget about the power of google. I had my green smoothie today so my brain is operating with full armor and ready for combat. When I first had to learn Omni Graffle I fussed, grunted and pouted all of which did little to help me learn any faster. It wasn't that I didn't want to learn it. Because, I love software. I just felt I didn't have the time to suck up all the information to my satisfaction. 
Not knowing how to do something or how to use something is on my list of top five most disappointing things. The only reason I ever learned how to break down a shake machine and put it back together was because I looked at it everyday and I couldn't stand not knowing how. 

Go figure. Who knew that obsessions can actually be good ? 

The Buddypress app I'm using could certainly use a facelift. I'll have to reach out a bit more because there are user interfaces that need me. I mean I'm not flawess, yet, but practice makes perfect.  So, in the coming weeks I'll begin to create some wireframes for various website types. I'll only post a few here so look forward to that. 

Exciting. Isn't it ? 
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