Saturday, August 3, 2013

Marketing: Global Green Brands of 2013

Interbrands Top 50 Global Green Brands of 2013
This is really interesting viewing/reading if you are interested in what brands/companies are doing their bit for our environment. Interbrand have created this dynamic Top 50 list that allows you to see information relative to each brand, and their commitment to adopting 'greener' technologies and work practices.
Specifically, it's about sustainability: defined as an ongoing effort to improves the quaity of human life while living within the limits of supporting ecosystems.
For Interbrands top Top 50 Global Green Brands of 2013, sustainability is defined as: "…business approach to creating long-term value by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic, environmental, and social impacts. In a commercial sense, sustainability also involves creating and maintaining a product, service, or business identity that reflects special added value in terms of environmental and social benefits. Sustainability has proven to be a strategic and profitable aspect of business and a brand-strengthening asset, as long as organizations take measurable steps to reduce their social and environmental impact and credibly convey benefits that are relevant to consumers."
It's definitely worth checking the first row of boxes as these provide essential information that allows you to put the results all into context.


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