Saturday, July 27, 2013

Social Media : Principles

I am so thankful that the first principle of social media is to listen. Easy, breezy, beautiful right ? Maybe.  Things are often easier said then done.
The second principle is to produce good stuff. Good is always open to interpretation unless you follow the first principle. Then you realize that for you and your business Good has rules and guidelines. 
The third principle is to send that good stuff out to your readers. This is pretty basic until you start to realize that there are a multitude of ways people can access the information you are ready to send. Content that people can't, don't or won't access is just the same as goods that won't sell. Those goods aren't any good to you.
To avoid being redundant we're going to skip over the next two text book principles:
4.Let readers decide which stuff is good.
5.Make the good stuff findable.
Principle number six comes straight from the bible. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Ok. No, It doesn't but you can apply that here if you forget the sixth principle. Share your spotlight ! Or in textbook terms, publish content from your followers and supporters.
The last principles is to foster community. Be kind, be supportive, engage your followers and ensure that everyone feels comfortable, invited and welcome. 
 If this doesn't work.. don't blame me ! I got this from a textbook. 

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