Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday, I saw a man on the corner peddling and I knew that he wouldn't be interested in any of my services but I felt at the very least I'd get some practice with my "sales pitch".

So, being who I am and doing what I do. I stopped to talk to him and immediately noticed all the illegal activity of his business. A peddler on a city street of Chicago selling cigarettes, boot leg porn (evasive angels, black market), t-shirts, boxers, socks, and nice Coach bag knock offs for $30.00 and he had the wrong license. He said he worked for the state and he most likely wouldn't be interested in my services but he knew someone else that might be.

Aww, another "NO". I never let the No's make me feel defeated. They make me tired but never defeated. After I made it back home I sat down and thought about the moments when I had his interest and the moments when I lost his interest. He had boot legged porn "Pinky" and I asked him did he go see her at Mr's G's. Now of course I knew he didn't and No he didn't. I asked him who was his favorite porn star and he said "I don't really watch that" there is no point in watching something I can't get.

Now, that struck me as being kinda odd. But It shouldn't have because there are a lot of "businesses" that don't use or support the products they sell. They simply supply what is demanded that's it, that's all and the products sell themselves.

While I was talking to him a woman walked past talking to herself and she stopped to look at his merchandise. She picked up some socks and his eyes locked in on her but she put them back and continued on talking to herself and walking. He went over to the orange crate to straighten his merchandise out and came back complaining about how people put his stuff back any kind of way.

Wow, I just couldn't believe it. There was something way deep down in the pit of my stomach yelling dude your selling socks on a corner out side of a currency exchange on a public street with a "Junk peddlers licenses". These are the small business owners that desperately need an upgrade but are most likely to refuse one.

Should I view peddlers as business men and women or just hustlers trying to make ends meet..?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the fact is they are acknowledged by the city of Chicago as small business owners and their license is a business license. There are thousands of peddlers throughout the city of Chicago and some of them are making money.

Spending 5-10 mins talking to him or anyone that is out and about is important.
I walked away feeling that the whole experience was a gain he even confirmed what I was thinking about his Coach bags. He got them from the same place most people do.

He's getting a pretty good deal on them but there is a way to get them even cheaper. Had he been interested I would have discussed more affordable suppliers.

Since I've been researching merchandise suppliers I have learned so much more about business. I feel as though a veil has been removed from my eyes.

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