Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Congratulations !!

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I've always felt that I'm supposed to do something bigger then I can think of or imagine perhaps something I won't even be aware of. Instead of fighting to make it happen I just read the signs, listen and keep going. Life has taught me that having your mind set on the "Big thing" can sometimes cause you to miss all the little things you need in order to acquire the "big thing" you want.

Life is best lived and far more enjoyable when you live it with an open mind, open eyes and a guarded heart.I went out today with a goal and though it seemed for a moment the goal was unattainable I didn't stop believing. As I waited I decided to stop in to some of the nearby businesses. I was shocked to learn that one of the entrepreneurs I spoke with was actually going to let a child show her how to use her facebook page.

While that may be ok if you are using the internet for recreation it is certainly not ok for marketing, branding and social networking purposes.

I chatted with her for a moment got her business card, the business card of her co-worker and the neighboring businesses and continued on to a nearby friends house.

She asked me about my business and the services I provide and congratulated me.
I said thank you and as I was walking I thought hmmm, she is the first person to congratulate me.

I never thought it made a difference whether or not anyone ever gave me that acknowledgment but apparently it does. It's amazing what small things can do.

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