Thursday, July 10, 2014

Design: Lovely D Logo

I've been sketching this heart with underwear on it for over a year now. I was still unsure about whether or not this was the image I wanted to represent the Lovely D brand. I second guessed myself. I had to remember how and why lovelyd was created and what the heart original stood for. It was about love and following my heart of course but it's a little more than that. This is also about passion, freedom and yes SEX ! So how do you take a heart and make it sexy ?? You put bikini panties on it !! 

Created from the original sketch #1

The logo above was the original rough draft of the logo I created from sketch #1. I wanted to keep the shape but change the panties (black area) to look more like a bikini then briefs.
Second rough draft of the logo from sketch #1
The logo above made me think of candy more than anything else so I had to change it. 

I got a second opinion and I was told that this logo looks like a butt and a bra. I'm sure different people will interpret it differently but It's actually intended to resemble a woman's hips, curves, pelvic area and upper thighs. These together form a beautiful heart shape. 

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