Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Social Media Manager : Reputation Management

Do you need a social media manager ?
Before you say no and allow yourself to become comfortable with that answer read on. A social media manager is a relatively new job that was created with the boom of social media but it's invaluable. Your social media manager is responsible for building and maintaing your social media accounts and your online reputation. When someone post a negative comment about your business on one of the 100's of review websites and/or directories will you respond ? 
I've mentioned this before I only go into detail with my web site clients. You need a social media manager to respond when you are under attack. Bad reviews spread very quickly and usually one bad review opens the flood gates for others to share their bad experiences. 
It's the bad experience snow ball effect that you want to avoid. The presence of your social media manager can halt that snowball effect by simply apologizing, inviting the customer back and offering a freebie. This is the same thing that a manager would do at let's say McDonald's. Do you know I learned how to give out free ice cream cones and apple pies as a reflex ? I didn't even realize how valuable those customer service skills were until I began to encounter so many people that didn't have them.
Sometimes I offered an apple pie and they wanted ice cream and other times I offered ice cream and they wanted cookies. It didn't matter !! They were all items from the dollar menu and the last thing I wanted was a negative review on my shift. The important thing is that I listened to the customer complaint, apologized and resolved the matter without further action from the customer. How would you feel if you ordered 15 hamburgers with fresh onions and all of them had dehydrated onions but a manager wasn't available to rectify the problem. Maybe the cashier and cook simply didn't understand that you wanted fresh onions instead of dehydrated onions. It there wasn't a manager there how would you feel about this restaurant ? Leaving your internet presence unattended or unmanaged leaves the same impression.  
Your social media manager is not the manager of your store but the manager of your social media accounts and before anything negative gets back to you, the business owner your social media manager must resolve it. 

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