Sunday, August 30, 2009

Facebook - the new myspace ?

Facebook - the new myspace ?
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When I first got on it wasn't for the reason that most other people join. I was a dedicated and true myspacer and my only reason for joining was to find more reasons why Myspace was better than Facebook. However, that is not at all what happened. What happended is I've found that Facebook is a much better social networking tool then myspace for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Facebook makes it so much easier to network socially, build your brand and promote your business without being intrusive.Face book allows you to create fun and entertaining applications that introduce your brand and products to your potential customers very similar to the way commercials are presented on television.

Facebook also has groups for like minds to connect, exchange ideas and pages for companies to maintain a corporate identity separate from personal identities.

The beauty of facebook pages is that many of the applications also work with pages, you can have multiple admins and many of the functions on business pages are the same as personal pages.

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