Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wix Site : Future Boy Ben One

EWW, Wix ! I'm not a fan of wix. Although I recently took the time to spend about 30 mins to introduce myself to the site. After 30 mins of clicking through templates and playing with features I still don't really like it. Honestly, they haven't really given me a reason to.  Anyway, I see that so many people enjoy wix. 

Let's be honest most people that sign up for wix do so because its free and they believe they will be able to create their own website and save a few dollars. Then there are those web designers that use Wix. Wait, do real web designers use Wix ? I mean if you have about twenty or so clients you'll have to log into about twenty or so different accounts, right ? 

If that's the sort of thing that real web designers are into then hey. I'm not knocking it. I just know that as for me building websites on Wix is not efficient. 

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