Monday, March 4, 2013

Facebook: Youtube Apps

All Youtube Apps are not created equal ! Over the years I've tried quite a few different youtube apps for pages and I still have been able to find what I would consider a perfect youtube app. A perfect youtube app will allow your youtube fans to subscribe to your channel from within facebook and allow them to view the comments, likes and shares on that video from all around the internet. 
I believe that is an application that hasn't yet been created. I will keep my eyes open because I'm pretty sure Im not the first person do think of this. For right now I'm using these three different youtube apps below.  As you can see they are essentially the same with some differences in appearance.
The first one below and the last one are almost identical. However, the first one below shows the subscribe button and the last one does not. I prefer the subscribe button but a great solution would be to make the subscribe button optional. The second app allows you to also view the favorites of the youtube channel. I think that's something I'd rather leave on youtube so also making this an optional feature would be better.
As for the layout, I prefer the layout of the first and the last youtube app although I enjoy the style of the second youtube app. I guess it's safe to say that a perfect youtube app is still in development. 

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