Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mobile: Credit Card Reader

An apple a day will make all the checks go away. Yes, the Apple given to us by Steve Jobs ! What were you thinking ? Everyone is going mobile. You can't stop it so you might as well grab your apple and get on board. Let's go #teamapple ! No, I'm not getting paid for that. It's true that Apple makes every thing in the world a little better. 

Paypal, Chase and Intuit are just a few of the companies that agree with me. They have created credit card readers for your iphone and given you free apps to use them. So, while I'm having a consultation at Starbucks I can accept your credit card payment on the spot. No fuss and no worries.

Pay Pal Card Reader
Pay Pal Card Reader

Intuit Card Reader presented by Payvment
Intuit Card Reader presented by Payvment 

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