Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bill Payment Log for your binder

If you don't already have a binder for your bills now is the time to rush out and grab one. One binder should be enough to keep all your bills organized. You will also need a three hole, hole puncher.

Now that many people have switched to online bill payment some may think that paper is no longer needed.  I believe that every online transaction or other electronic payment should be recorded in your written records. When you want to keep track of every penny you spend you can never be too thorough. I recommend you write the transaction number on the actual bill and then also record it in your payment log.

  Bill Payment Log

I create custom documents for my website clients to help them stay organized and efficient. 
Since you are going to use a separate bill payment log for each bill you may also want to get colored dividers to place between your bills for fast and easy access.

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